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What our clients say about us!

Here are a few quotes from some of our current and former clients who do business with the state agencies in Florida. ONE EIGHTY CONSULTING strives to achieve the highest level of communication and assistance for our clients. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with this same level of service and commitment. If you would like to speak with any of the professionals below or see the full letter of recommendation, please contact us.

“Our company has engaged Don and his team for nine years as part our efforts to work with the Florida Legislature. During this time, we have had great success in Tallahassee and Don has been a solid part of that success.”

Gaston Cantens, Vice-President of Corporate Relations, Florida Crystals

“180 Consulting provides excellent access and up-to-date information on business opportunities with the state of Florida. The individual lobbyists at 180 bring you a wealth of experience in working within the state government, a variety of industry expertise, and relationships that no other firm in Tallahassee can match.”

William E. Tomlinson, Vice President, SE Region, Dyntek

“I have had the pleasure of working with 180 Consulting and enthusiastically recommend that you consider utilizing their services. This firm is unique to many other lobbying firms in that they offer not only the lobbying services but also media consulting as well. Whether you are a high-profile, large corporation like Insight or a small sole-proprietor, it is essential that you have a well-rounded and polished firm like 180 to represent your interests in Tallahassee. 180 will give you the “inside track” on valuable information that you cannot duplicate through another firm.”

Lorne Shackelford, Director of Sales, Insight Public Sector

“I have had the pleasure of working 180 Consulting. They have been helpful to us in dealing with better understanding the procurement process and providing us access to discuss issues and opportunities that are important to us. Their key principals we work with on a day to day basis, Lisa Aaron and Danny Jordan are professional, courteous and responsive to me and my fellow professionals, their insight is on point and helpful.”

David Dennis, National Lead Advisory Partner for State and Local Government Sector, KPMG

“As a company that uses lobbyists in many different states, I can attest to their strong work ethic and positive results that make this partnership successful. Specifically, the responsiveness of their team to our needs has been excellent and it is so year-round. Because the nature of our business in predominately with state agencies, their constant availability is one of the aspects of our relationship that I appreciate most. I know of other sales staffs at companies who have worked with lobbying firms that did not receive the same attention and it has frustrated them and their efforts. Another aspect of our relationship that has proven to be advantageous for EMC is the fact that the lobbyist at One Eighty know decision-makers up and down the ladder of state government. They know the agency heads, deputy secretaries and chief information officers, but they also know and work with many of the agency staff and end users. This has been very helpful in accessing a clear path to information useful in our developing a winning sales strategy with state agencies.”

Bob Pues, EMC Corporation