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Technical Consulting

Executive Branch

One Eighty Consulting’s Technical Consulting service provides results-driven advice and hands-on assistance to our business clients and government customers in the State of Florida. We assist our government customers to succeed in today’s dynamic, performance-based environment. For our business clients, by developing the right message, the right approach and providing proper positioning and targeted advocacy, we can create a demand for their products and services in a world of shrinking budgets and increased competition. We add value in market entry, business development, creation of relationships and identify and leverage unique client capabilities to help clients get the most out of their State and Local Government consulting dollars.

One Eighty Consulting’s Information Technology (IT) practice provides clients with the highest level of expertise and the necessary disciplines to merge government affairs with government marketing and maximize opportunities to drive increased sales at the state and local levels. One Eighty Consulting supports its IT clients in many capacities, ranging from advocacy on state policy issues to developing comprehensive integrated procurement and sales strategies. Our IT team has more than 30 years experience in formulating state IT policies, developing and implementing the federal E-Government strategy, and helping companies sell and market to state governments. Clients look to our multidisciplinary team to help define their capabilities, target their efforts, position them as market leaders, and identify and leverage their differentiators to capitalize on contract opportunities. Our goal is to make companies more profitable – and be a long-term asset and partner to their businesses.

One Eighty Consulting’s clients represent a broad range of technology products and services companies. These companies ranging from telecommunications and information systems; hardware and software developers supporting financial and data management; E-government product vendors; innovative intelligence and homeland security technologies; compliance tools; educational services/software; new media; among many other areas.

Our goal is to work with your team to develop a strategic plan designed to assist you in maximizing business opportunities for your products and services.

Legislative Budget Requests:

As you know, each year agencies submit their legislative budget requests to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budgeting. We have reviewed each agency’s legislative budget request for potential opportunities for our clients. During our initial account planning session, we will review the summaries together to strategize on how you might fit into these projects. In addition, we will assist the agencies in their lobbying efforts to ensure that funds are received for our client’s projects.

State Agency On-Going Projects

Each January the state agencies provide a report that documents all IT projects. One Eighty Consulting analyzes the reports at various times and generates a report strictly showing on-going and multi-year projects. We provide this information to our clients for several reasons:

  • Our clients need to know the state agencies business well enough to initiate a conversation on a topic that is relevant to the agency official. Going into an agency and asking ‘What can I do for you’ is not effective and the agency official will be reluctant to tell you how their products and services fit. The vendor needs to know the customer in order to pitch the appropriate products and services.
  • Our firm will make sure that you are armed with the right information before meeting with state officials. It is up to us to keep the momentum going with agency officials after the first meeting. State employees are apt to be distracted by events. Working as a team with you, we ensure a sense of urgency about pushing the procurement or opportunity along.