• One Eighty Consulting Inc. – Business Developmental, Government Affairs, and Procurement Consulting


One Eighty Consulting is a full service lobbying firm offering legislative branch and executive branch representation as well as local government consulting services. We are year-round consultants – and we believe that this sets us apart from many of the other Tallahassee firms that concentrate only on their clients legislative issues.

We offer a combination of services that can meet the business needs of your company. The following consulting services are offered:

  • Legislative Branch Consulting
  • Executive Branch Procurement Consulting
  • Procurement Consulting
  • Additional Cost Services

Identify, Evaluate, and Qualify Procurement Opportunities

One Eighty Consulting will help develop strategies that will produce a competitive advantage for your company in approaching all of state and local government with its products and services. The following approach summarizes our winning strategy:

  • Assess political agendas and public policy trends
  • Provide early notification of opportunities before they are announced publicly
  • Analyze the effect of procurement-related legislation and budgets
  • Identify and qualify sales opportunities well before the ITB/RFP/ITN is published
  • Prepare procurement schedules, vendor registrations, and business license applications

Educate and Influence Purchasers

  • Profile state and local government agencies and decision-makers
  • Provide access to key public officials, decision-makers and potential teaming partners
  • Cultivate relationships with elected officials and appointees
  • Advocate vendor preferences for solicitation requirements

Bid, Win and Get Paid

  • Identify partners and sub-contractors
  • Review bids and proposals
  • Advise on protest strategy
  • Resolve payment disputes and delays