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About us

Danny Jordan, Jeanette Yaeger, Don Yaeger

Our mission is to be the premiere government consulting firm in Florida by identifying business opportunities, developing strategic alliances, and delivering bona fide results for our clients. Our clients will always be represented with the highest level of integrity, honesty and trust.

We will provide services not as individuals but by using our collective expertise—we are committed to serving our clients as a team. We are also dedicated to investing in our future by growing our business into new markets based on our core competencies. We will not only be committed to our clients, but ourselves by providing each of our team members with a professional environment that is encouraging, rewarding and educational. We will support and promote community leadership as a business and as individuals.

About Us

A key to our success is that we don’t just understand government, we understand business. To that end, we look at it as our responsibility to help shorten the sales cycle to government, thus better utilizing a company’s sales resources. Over the years, we have successfully represented many clients before state agencies – identifying opportunities for them, evaluating their needs for additional support with any aspect of the procurement process and ultimately assisting with closing the deal – resulting in an increased bottom line for them through more business with the State of Florida.

For our clients seeking Legislative Branch assistance, we provide a keen understanding of the goals and objectives of government, and we advise clients on how best to utilize those objectives toward their goal. Having a former CIO of the Southeast’s largest state agency gives our clients an insider’s perspective of government’s strategic technology initiatives and the budgets for those projects, and with the addition of the senior technology official who worked for the state’s top law enforcement officer, our insight into the world of public safety is unparalleled.

Our firm also specializes in corporate business development. Don’s many years of media experience has allowed him to aid clients as they work through aspects of their corporate communication strategy – including preparing a client for an interview with reporters from “ 60 Minutes.” He also has experience running several businesses and has served as a campaign and media consultant to several legislative and statewide races. Don’s experience enables our firm to serve our clients in ways far beyond those of other lobbying firms. Our firm also helps corporations develop partnerships with other businesses, creating synergistic relationships to develop stronger market position.

Our team has nearly 90 years of experience working in and with the Executive, Legislative, and Cabinet branches of Florida government. Together, we have the experience and the relationships to provide our clients with superior representation before the Legislature, the Cabinet, and all state agencies. Our firm’s services complement that of your sales team, ensuring your message reaches the highest level of state government.

Why Hire 180 Consulting?

Successful organizations engage us because they want to expand their business in state and local governments in Florida.

We develop the blueprints and provide the tools needed to manage successful relationships and meaningful partnerships with government.

The 180 Consulting team is made up of professionals:

  • Whose character and reputation for excellence builds trust.
  • Whose experience at the highest levels of government covers the multiple points of decision-making.
  • Whose relationships with decision makers and opinion leaders produce real outcomes.
  • Whose creativity and multi-disciplinary teams create comprehensive winning campaigns.

Our clients hire us because we are among the very best in the business:

uniquely qualified, innovative, and experienced…